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About us

HECT (Himalayan Environment Conservation and Training) Consultancy is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in the provision of expert advisory services on natural resource management, environmental conservation, climate change adaptation, food security, disaster risk management, safer migration, policy advocacy, media, capacity building and development processes. We have with us an inter-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals aimed at achieving sustainable natural resource management, by sharing knowledge, building capacities and facilitating equitable development.

HECT Consultancy is an inter-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals. Established in January 2012, its focus is on natural resource management, forestry and wetland management, climate change, food security, environmental education, disaster risk management, health and education, communications, capacity building and has accumulated vast experience in environmental management, integrated conservation and development, and its associated fields.

HECT strives to successfully assist people, organization’s, systems and processes in Nepal and works closely with national entities to positively contribute to the protection of rich natural resources and the empowerment of communities in Nepal. Our unique projects are inclusive and responsive to the needs of communities, agencies and local contexts. Combining engaging media programming with training, outreach and capacity building activities, our multi-faceted approach ensures maximum impact, behavior change and sustainability even in difficult environments.

HECT Consultancy has worked recently in the field of ecosystem based adaptation project and built up a strong track record on programming related to climate change and disaster resilience in Nepal. With more than two decades experience in natural resource management, community based pro-poor conservation and development projects in Nepal, HECT’s experts work closely with a range of donors and development partners providing training and support in sustainably managing natural resources through trusted high quality knowledge products and reports both at local and national levels.

We assist all sectors of society in recognizing that a healthy natural resource base is essential for economic self-sufficiency and provides opportunities for future livelihood options. Integral to this approach is the need to inform people about the impact of their actions, and those of others, on their environment.

Our Areas of Expertise

HECT has a proven track record of building the capacity of communities and organizations in developing community coping strategies and enhancing adaptation capacity to climate change and many other pressing issues that addresses vital sectors in the Nepali society. Our areas of expertise enable us to provide high quality service to our clients that include all tiers of government, NGOs, private sector or local communities. Our in-house expertise is mainly on generating baseline data and conducting situation analysis, mid-term and final project evaluation, preparing livelihood improvement plans, household and wealth ranking surveys for project implementation; enhancing climate resilient initiatives, multi-hazard risk assessment of community based disaster risk management projects, developing vulnerability impact assessment methodology, tools and climate change scenario, including data layers and methods for mapping ecosystem vulnerability; and compiling good practices on all spheres of development.

Through our project interventions, we have helped in improving the quality of life of the rural poor by strengthening their existing livelihood programmes, initiated new activities to diversify and increase their income in the rural, and develop community owned and managed institutions to sustain their livelihood activities. We have assisted the society in developing community-based models for natural resource management in order to protect and use the resources for sustainable development by working in collaboration with the government, non-government national and international development organizations. Thus, our wide range of expertise makes HECT Consultancy a one-stop-shop for integrated community based disaster risk management, biodiversity conservation, climate change, food security, training and capacity building, gender and social inclusion.