Delivering practical solutions for community resilience and achieving positive conservation outcomes...

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

HECT Consultancy provides exceptional dedicated service to our clients while protecting the environment and improving the lives of people at the same time. We aim to successfully influence people, organizations, systems and processes across Nepal towards environmental, social and economic best practice. In this pursuit, we work together with a range of strategic partners while instilling healthy and enduring values for the future. Our overall objective is to foster the development of sustainable livelihoods and make Nepal a more secure place.

Our Mission

  • Practice integrated and inclusive project management approach that produces optimal results;
  • Engage knowledge management techniques that promote information sharing;
  • Provide high quality technical applications, consulting services and advice;
  • Be innovative in developing new skills and mechanisms and adapting them to different environments; and
  • To engage, build strong and enduring networks that will advance sustainable livelihoods.