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Human-wildlife conflict

HECT Consultancy has joined hands with USAID Nepal’s Hariyo Ban Project in documenting the effectiveness of power fencing in reducing human-wildlife conflict in Nepal. The assessment is being carried out in Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks of the Terai and Prok area of Gorkha district in Manaslu Conservation Area.
The overall objective of the study is to document the changes brought about by electric power fencing and its impacts in reducing human-wildlife conflict, social well-being, in terms of achievements and lessons learnt. The specific objectives are:

  • Extent of economic loss due to property damage, crop and livestock loss; and human attacks, injuries and deaths in the area before and after the erection of power fence;
  •  Assess effectiveness of power fence;
  • Collect case stories, lessons and impacts of the intervention; and
  •  Assess the sustainability of the intervention.